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Emergen-C RFP

After winning at the MMA Awards for the "Emerge Your Best" digital campaign, we still had to take part in the RFP to retain the business after the merger of Pfizer Consumer Healthcare with GSK. We were tasked with creating a targeted campaign concept to extend "Emerge Your Best" and solidify Emergen-C as a lifestyle brand, based around year-round immune health use. And all of this in the midst of a pandemic.
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Based on extensive findings and a strategic framework based around a 3-tier communication plan, we structured our creative concepts around each tier's unique approach. The first was "Disruption" which threw our go-to claims to the sidelines and grabbed attention through emotional inspiration. We need to show that Emergen-C transcends "sick" and powers people's journeys to personal growth with inspirational ideas rather than a list of bland product benefits.
We developed the concepts by leaning into media formats, platforms, and approaches we hadn't been able to consider earlier. In addition to disrupting the consumer-facing strategy, we also wanted to disrupt the clients' ways of thinking about the product. And to break away from a history of content based around product shots and scientific, legally-approved RTBs that belonged on a package, not a headline.
We pushed the new branding further and developed a look that felt more authentic to the consumer. We used the logo and logo burst in ways it hadn't been used before—acting as a literal thread that could tie all of our lifestyle imagery together in a cohesive, energetic manner. We also built elements of a new tone in our brand voice, adding more colorful, emotionally-charged headlines and community management examples. 


Once we had broken through the noise with our plan to disrupt, we needed to quash skepticism about Emergen-C's health and wellness benefits. With a history of a laundry list approach to RTBs, we recommended an approach based in single-minded simplicity and culturally relevant executions. With YouTube Director's Mix, sponsored playlists on Spotify, and influencer partnerships, we could convince consumers within the channels they already frequented.


In order to capitalize on the brand momentum, we would educate and enlighten consumers on brand-relevant wellness and immune topics with short- and long-form educational content. Stories, emails, and educational portals within the Emergen-C website would enable us to deliver on-trend, engaging content to our consumers.

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Though we were destined to lose the business to a much larger agency that had already absorbed many of the GSK brands, we gave our all on the final hail mary. Our team worked in lockstep throughout the (remote) RFP process and delivered a final presentation that we were all proud of. We weren't going down without a proper fight.

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