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Open Grave

Open Grave is a US-based black metal band that's been around since 1999. They approached me to design their full length release for Regimental Records in 2012. Don't let the content scare you—think of it more like a horror movie than reality. All of those pentagrams? It's all theater. 
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Ed Adams
Open Grave
Open Grave Fear CD cover

the concept

Considering Black Metal's dark routes—and sometimes terrifying history—I wanted to take this in a direction that read almost like a Book of the Dead (The Necronomicon, for the true horror fans). As a huge Evil Dead fan, it was my way of bringing in some subtle fun to an otherwise aesthetically-serious project. To achieve that vibe, we used a matte-coated 4-panel digipak with 3 inks—black, metallic gold, and a spot UV. The texture was taken from an old family sketchbook of mine (think 1890s) and worked into the cover design using only the spot varnish. The result was a simple, kind-of-elegant (if you can ignore the Satan stuff) package for a record of really dark and macabre tunes.
Open Grave Fear spot varnish highlight
Open Grave Fear interior design

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