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Emergen-C Digital

Emergen-C is a brand of dietary supplements known primarily for its fizzy Vitamin C drink mix. We pitched and won Emergen-C's social business in 2016, leading all digital initiatives for the next 4 years—from Pfizer's ownership through the brand's transition to GSK in 2020.
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Ed Adams
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Bronze, Social
MMA Smarties, 2020
emergen-c probiotics on a kitchen counter from above

social content

My team supported the Emergen-C brand by creating regular social content for their Instagram and Facebook channels. We handled it all in-house: concept sketches, props, food styling, photography and animation.
With the 'Emerge Your Best' campaign, we won Bronze in the 2020 MMA Smarties awards. The campaign increased reach by 195%, engagement by 240%, and website traffic by 105%, outperforming cross-brand company benchmarks with video completion rates of up to 61% and in-feed engagement rates of up to 6.4%.
Source: MMA Global
emergen-c packetemergen-c energy gummis

lifestyle content

We shot quarterly content featuring a range of models, locations, and lifestyle/seasonal themes. Limited budgets and schedule required me to use not only my skills as a designer and Creative Director, but to take on roles as Director, crew, cameraman, location scout, and even wardrobe.
model sipping emergen-c raspberry
emergen-c energy plus and yoga mat
model holding packet of emergen-c
We also shot a regular schedule of in-feed and story content for cross-platform media placements. We often had a streamlined crew, but it wasn't unheard of for me and an AD or Jr. AD to pull off the whole thing ourselves.
ed adams on set
ed adams on set styling product

Events + partnerships

With Emergen-C's PR team at Coyne, we created content to support events and partnerships with lifestyle brands like SoulCycle and Daybreaker. For the Daybreaker NYC event shown below, we were up at 4am with a bunch of other maniacs to document a high-energy experience of yoga and dance before the workday even started. With carousel and IG Story-based content, we shared the event's moments for an audience hungry for healthy and fun morning rituals.
emergen-c and daybreaker NYC event

cross-agency, cross-the-border

I worked alongside the teams at Grey, Method, and The Lift as we simultaneously shot for both broadcast and our corresponding social content. Just a quick trip into a Mexican jungle for a few seconds of kayaking and hiking footage. NBD.
emergen-c mexico shoot


During Emergen-C's rebranding, my team played a key role in establishing digital standards within the overall brand usage developed by Elmwood. These YouTube Pre- and Mid-roll ads are two of the first live projects of that initiative.

retailer partnerships

From conceptual sketches to in-house photo shoots and animation, I also created monthly content to support seasonal retailer initiatives.

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Ed Adams is a hands-on Creative Director, designer, illustrator, and motion graphics artist hailing from the highlands of New Jersey. All work and content is Copyright © 2024 Ed Adams and their respective brands.