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revolution digital

Revolution Digital was a digital and social agency that operated for nearly 20 years in NJ and NYC. As a small agency, Rev-D was an unlikely shop to win business from clients like evian®, Chapstick, Light & Fit, and Emergen-C—but we did—and we needed a new brand to match. 
Creative Director
Ed Adams
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Ed Adams
Revolution Digital
revolution digital logo embossed in silver on black paper

now or never

Revolution Digital had a severely outdated logo for far too long. Time, a lack of internal alignment, and an initial resistance to change stunted the opportunity to bring the agency up to the level of the work we were creating for our clients. After years of waiting I took it upon myself to create a brand that represented the talent and skill of the people that made the agency what it was. It was a well-received surprise.
revolution digital logo sketches in sketchbook
animated revolution digital logo structure and layout
revolution digital logos on black background
revolution digital pattern r

test and repeat

Any good designer can make a logo, but part of that process needs to be experimentation, flexibility, and application across a variety of media and placements. During this process, I tested it on everything from the obvious contenders like business cards and the website, but also on potential merchandise, conceptual implementations, and animation.
revolution digital logo on a black tshirt

look ma, new brand

We unveiled the new logo and brand in a series of newsletter emails, new business outreach, and business cards — because business cards during a pandemic are essential, right? They are when they have spot varnish and a soft-touch coating. 
revolution digital email newsletters
revolution digital business cards piled on a table

s-www-an song

Before we were able to develop the new website, the agency closed its doors, but that's a story for another day. This was the final bow.
revolution digital website mockup

behold, more work:

Ed Adams is a hands-on Creative Director, designer, illustrator, and motion graphics artist hailing from the highlands of New Jersey. All work and content is Copyright © 2024 Ed Adams and their respective brands.