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gummi funmix

Original Gummi FunMix is a brand of gummy candy manufactured by PIM, inc. — the makers of household staples like SunMaid Chocolate Raisins and Welch's Fruit Snacks. We pitched and won the business in 2018 with a series of ideas that took them from dull anthropomorphic gelatin to a twisted world of perpetually-partying gummi characters.
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Ed Adams
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gummi funmix bag and two social media posts on iphones

free the party

How do we take a word like "party" away from a history of uninspiring birthday, sports, and holiday events? Redefine it as a verb—it's not something you go to, it's something you do. It was this idea that guided all future creative—and it was approved by the client faster than we could present it.
gummi funmix free the party logo

a social media sugar high

Gummi FunMix didn't have a brand—they had a bag. So we took that bag and created a world for the gummis to live in—bright colors, bold type, and a vibe like Pee Wee Herman at a hip hop show sponsored by Adult Swim and Monty Python.
Our in-feed content was an ongoing experiment that ranged from pop culture references to twisted holiday posts and not-so-subtle references to sex and booze. I still can't believe the client approved some of these.

Gummis + gamers

Our strategy and community management teams discovered a sweet spot for our fans within the gaming and anime worlds. Twitch, Fandom, Crunchyroll, and Reddit became our playground for a series of homepage takeovers, rich media ads, and traditional banners—placing Gummi Funmix right into their world.
gummi funmix fandom ads
gummi funmix twitch homepage takeover

tiktok + influencers

To support our sweepstakes for the new Tropical Fish gummis, we worked with their PR agency to secure support from TikTok influencers that ultimately had between 3M and 8M followers. The result was a massively successful campaign that had so many entries, it crashed our server—a situation that we simply made more content out of :)


Our followers and community managers wanted some branded content to play around with: stickers, response GIFs, and an overall tone of voice. We created a bunch of unbranded content to fulfill their wishes and give the people something to play with.

like red bull is to extreme sports, gummi funmix should be a cultural engine to the young millennial 

events + sweepstakes

Gummi Funmix secured promotional sponsorships at both Welcome to Rockville and Live Nation and needed to amplify their presence. Featuring artists like Metallica, Juice Wrld, and The Offspring, we were situated among our target (young millennials) to support the brand with on-site activations and sweepstakes.
gummi funmix rockville sweeps

snack-sized ads

With numerous new product launches, we needed a way to hit hard without the financial resources of a television campaign. Enter our YouTube :06 pre-roll ads.

king-sized ads

The client wanted to support product sales at specific C-Stores in suburban areas around colleges. We worked within a media buy that placed our masterbrand billboards on highways near easily-accessed WaWa and Quik Chek stores.
gummi funmix billboard mockup

organic content

With a shift to a new client and budgetary adjustments, there was a request to build a pillar of unbranded, organic work. That gave us a ton of conceptual flexibility—memes, cartoons, and more opportunity for weirdness. In response, I started integrating ProCreate illustrations and learned enough of Blender so I could bring the gummies into a static 3D world.
joke shirt with gummies printed all over
gummis riding on a sea gull
star wars day bb8 gummi
images of gummis in their imaginary natural habitats
thanksgiving sandwich with gummis instead of turkey
autocorrect text conversation
gummi swirl after thanksgiving with a tight belt
halloween gummi murder scene with chalk outlines
gummi swirl cartoon laugh crying
gummi worm pooping brown jellybeans
like comment share gummy post
rainbow of melting gummis
gummi swirl with a bite out of it
joke gummy pie chart
4 gummis representing the seasons, fall is shown as plaid szn
woman laughing with a pile of gummis and pizza
funny names for gummis
snowglobes with gummis inside
gummis are greater than chocolate mock twitter post

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Ed Adams is a hands-on Creative Director, designer, illustrator, and motion graphics artist hailing from the highlands of New Jersey. All work and content is Copyright © 2024 Ed Adams and their respective brands.