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Light + Fit

Dannon Light + Fit® is a brand of yogurt targeted to the health-conscious snackers out there. After winning their business—along with brands like Evian® and Danimals®—we refined their digital presence with a new strategy, elevated aesthetics, and a much tighter social brand presence. Not bad for a guy who can't eat dairy and hates stevia.
Creative Director
Ed Adams
Rachael Ritchie
Revolution Digital
Brooklyn, NY
Two smiling people eating their Light and Fit with a smile

paid social

Working with the team at MoSoMos in Brooklyn, we shot two stop-motion ads to tie into the latest :15 TV spot. Our strategic approach was grounded in data that informed both our audience segmentation as well as the visual/content choices we made. To round out the campaign, we shot and animated multiple pieces of additional content in-house.
Stop Motion/Models: MoSoMoS || End Card: Ed Adams
Stop Motion/Models: MoSoMoS || End Card: Ed Adams
Stop Motion and End Card: Ed Adams

color by flavor

To display the variety of flavors—and to test effectiveness of color and format—we shot one model in a series of flavor-coded wardrobe. Each shot was identical to the original hero—allowing us to play with split screen, grids, and jump cuts across a single action.
line up of 3 women eating Light and Fit in wardrobe that matches the flavor

targeted audiences

Later that same year, the brand updated their packaging and needed additional support for the Zero Artificial Sweeteners product line. We produced a series of flavor- and lifestyle-focused (dark) ads targeted to very specific audience segments.
Light and Fit Greek Strawberry with fruit mix-ins
Light and Fit Greek apple cinnamon with whipped cream, apple slices, and cinnamon sticks
Light and Fit Greek Black Cherry
Light and Fit Greek Caramel Toffee

ORganic Social content

We produced a ton of additional organic content for everything from recipes to lifestyle to product-hero shots. These are a few of my favorites that I art directed, styled, and photographed in our in-agency studio.
A tower of Light and Fit yogurts
Light and Fit Greek yogurt on a kitchen counter with fruit and granola
Light and Fit Greek yogurt parfaits garnished with granola and lime
Light and Fit product family shot

behold, more work:

Ed Adams is a hands-on Creative Director, designer, illustrator, and motion graphics artist hailing from the highlands of New Jersey. All work and content is Copyright © 2024 Ed Adams and their respective brands.