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Daily's Poptails

Daily’s Cocktails is America’s favorite cocktail and mixer brand. Loved by both bartenders and the home mixologist, their latest product innovation, Poptails®, is the official boozy ice pop for grown ups. We took the new product line to market with a digital launch campaign across social, display, and a promotional sweepstakes full of branded swag and prizes for the summertime-backyard-pool-partying-crowd.
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daily's poptails box and tubes sitting in a pile of ice

a slow burn freeze

To make the most of a limited budget, we put our heads together with our strategy team and decided on a three-part plan to unveil Poptails™. The first step was a series of teaser content to slowly build anticipation around the launch. We may not have been hinting at the next iPhone, but we built interest with ideas that juxtaposed ice-cold imagery against the visual cues of a backyard pool party along with the hashtag #makeitpop.
beach ball in an ice cube
typographic brrr baby brrr on an icy background
inflatable pegasus unicorn in an ice cube

Extra! Extra! freeze all about it!

Sorry about that headline. We made the new product announcement across digital and social with a series of posts, digital display ads, and video content that shed light on the teaser ads that came before—using a sequential media buy targeted to people who had already seen the teaser content. We approached art with a colorful, fruity explosion of bold headlines and subzero visual treatments and animation.
new daily's poptails in a 3-flavor variety pack
freeze, squeeze, pop! on an icy background
Daily's Poptails tubes with watermelons, apples, and strawberries bursting from the pack in an icy blast
To compliment the launch, we also developed a :15 and :06 launch video as pre- and mid-roll content on YouTube and social. Modeling and animation by Matt Milstead.
Why not also build a couple AR lenses for Snapchat and Instagram? They gave fans a fun way to interact with the product through a branded UI and three flavor-themed choices.
dailys IG AR filter with green apple flavor
dailys snapchat AR filter with strawberry flavor

Prizes, swag, and Teddy swims

To maintain interest in the product throughout the summer, we executed a promotion and sweepstakes with a series of premium weekly prizes, branded swag, and a grand prize for a private concert with Teddy Swims. We even had pool floats made so some lucky fans could lounge in style atop 3 giant Poptails. Fancy.
dailys #makeitpop tshirt on black
dailys beach towel and sunglasses
dailys #makeitpop tshirt on pink
dailys poptails pool float
The weekly prizes and grand prize were announced individually via animated in-feed posts and stories on our social channels. Yes, it was a lot, but it kept interest and engagement high.
dailys teddy swims promotional instagram story

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Ed Adams is a hands-on Creative Director, designer, illustrator, and motion graphics artist hailing from the highlands of New Jersey. All work and content is Copyright © 2024 Ed Adams and their respective brands.