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Lost + Found: Social

Here you will find the content I made for assorted social media initiatives that either didn't warrant their own page, never made it past our internal agency review, or got rejected by the client. New projects added regularly.
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Ed Adams
Revolution Digital

evian + christian lacroix

With the release of the limited edition evian bottle featuring a pattern by designer Christian LaCroix, we documented the release party at the new Redbury Hotel in NYC with a night of organic social content for our followers. No crew, limited gear, and a challenging environment for photography made this one for the books.
evian christian lacroix bottles
evian redbury thanks
And since the bottle was perfect for holiday parties, we shot some in-situation content for Thanksgiving and Christmas with some rather expensive Christian LaCroix fine china.
evian bottle thanksgiving
evian bottle christmas

chapstick model shoots

Revolution Digital worked on ChapStick social content since it first launched in 2008 on Facebook. Though most of the content was product-focused and handled by a very talented AD on my team, I occasionally headed up model photography for select campaigns. Below are some example shots that I directed, lit, shot, and retouched for ChapStick's social channels.
Chapstick Model
Chapstick Model
Chapstick Model
Chapstick Model
Chapstick Model
Chapstick Model

chapstick = beauty

We needed to position ChapStick as a beauty brand in order to support a new line of premium products, so we delivered a series of social campaigns that targeted Millennial and Gen Z consumers. During the height of the pandemic, we integrated remote model shoots with a studio in Virginia (that required my live direction via zoom) and also executed product shoots in our own homes. Combined with content strategy encompassing natural ingredients, aspirational lifestyle moments, and premium executions, the result was $1.9MM in sales in 6 months.

Green Giant

After years of working with B&G foods on brands such as Cream of Wheat, Ortega, and NY Style chips we had the opportunity to show them what we could do for Green Giant. So we made a stop motion animation in our studio for their new cauliflower pizza crust.
green giant cauliflower pizza box on wood background surrounded by ingredients


In order to communicate the transfer of plastics from traditional non-stick pans vs. Greenpan's healthy ceramic alternative, we developed a series of posts comparing "plastic" food to real, healthy food. The final videos weren't what I wanted, but the concept and production quality still hold up. There's nothing quite like the smell of melted crayons on an old non-stick pan :)
greenpan storyboard 1
greenpan storyboard
greenpan storyboard
greenpan storyboard
greenpan storyboard
greenpan storyboard

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Ed Adams is a hands-on Creative Director, designer, illustrator, and motion graphics artist hailing from the highlands of New Jersey. All work and content is Copyright © 2024 Ed Adams and their respective brands.